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Solutions for the safe application of wastewater and sludge for high efficient
biomass production in Short-Rotation-Plantations

Structure and Methodology

In order to achieve its objectives the BIOPROS project will last 3 years (36 months) and comprises 6 workpackages.

WP1 -    Sector characterisation
WP2 -    Specific Research and Development measures
WP3 -    Recommendations for SRP best practice standards
WP4 -    Training
WP5 -    Dissemination and exploitation
WP6 -    Project management and coordination

WP1 - The analysis and evaluation of the sector�s current situation bases on information about the differing regional legislative situation, state-of-the-art in biomass production and agricultural wastewater/sludge application, current wastewater/sludge treatment situation, current related research activities, subsidy and market situation. The results will be taken for an evaluation of the current and future SRP potential in the participating countries and be the base for the determination of gaps in SRP knowledge.

WP2 - The activities in WP1 will come up with clear gaps in SRP knowledge and regional market reluctances currently limiting the implementation of the SRP approach. These barriers shall be tackled in WP2 by developing and conducting focused research activities on laboratory and test field scale. To enable necessary interaction between focused research and specific local conditions and requirements these will be complemented by field tests on 5 pre-selected farms (Estonia, Spain, Germany, Poland, Bulgaria). The results will lead to the development of suitable business models and recommendations for best local SRP practice and will be taken for the development of SRP standards and dissemination/training material.

WP3 - The outcomes from WP1 and WP2 will directly be transferred into recommendations for �Standards for best SRP practice� covering the whole range of SRP planning and operation.

WP4 - Basing on the results from the previous workpackages a comprehensive transfer of the BIOPROS results will be accomplished via training activities by the RTDs to the participating IAGs (as a the knowledge owners) and the SME core group. In the following the IAGs will distribute this knowledge to their own members by organising adequate training measures like workshops and e-learning seminars.

WP5 � The planned dissemination and exploitation activities run in parallel with the research and comprise the development of proper dissemination materials as well as training tools like SRP guidelines, a SRP video and an e-learning platform. It includes further the establishment of this website, project presentations on conferences, publications in relevant magazines and the planned exploitation measures.

WP6 - A separate workpackage has been foreseen comprising all management and coordination activities. It will be carried out all along the project in parallel to the research, training and dissemination activities, and will ensure the correct co-ordination, communication and co-operation between the partners themselves and with the Commission. EUBIA is the Project Coordinator and responsible for the general, administrative and IPR management. The proper accomplishment of the scientific tasks will be supervised by TTZ as the Scientific Manager.


The interrelation between the different workpackages can be seen in the BIOPROS flow chart (PDF document).



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